Whether it’s at an embryonic concept stage, one-sentence pitch or a fully fleshed out program, we will stress-test every project that comes through the door. We will drill down to make sure, that we know it will work. You want to know, if your idea will come to life. Coding and programming is only one part of the puzzle, day to day pragmatic functioning is key. And once the app is ready for your audience, we will launch it to the store and your website. From making sure your desired app name is available in store to ensuring every app gets through Apple’s notoriously fickle acceptance process. We will do what it takes, to bring your dreams to life. We have relationships with Apple and an intimate knowledge of how they think. We can assure you, if there’s a way to get your app featured in the App Store, we’ll find it.

We have the experience and talent to design what you need!