Your Marketing Team For Hire

Your Custom Marketing Team For Hire!


Consider us to be your very own Marketing Team for Hire!

A group of driven, passionate Sales and Marketing executives with over 30 years experience in delivering exceptional outcomes for all of our clients' businesses.

With significant commercial experience in the FMCG, Real Estate, Personal Development, SAAS. Leisure Industries – even in the Tech and Start Up space. There isn’t many businesses that we haven’t helped to personify and grow. We help them to understand who they are and what they want to be.

It’s what we do best! No apologies! Give us your idea, your business, passion or dream and we will help you to commercialise it, with our comprehensive suite of products, services and people. At our disposal, is cutting edge branding and bespoke design, web development, lead generation and sales development, video and mass media campaigning. All at budget and timeline that suits your business. Welcome to BOOM Media.


CEO - Sales Director

With over 20+ years, practical and hands on experience in new business start ups, Phil admits that he immensely enjoys every new project as if it was his first.


He has personally been responsible for several new business start ups that have all created triple digit sales growth in their first 2-3 years of operation.


Several were later sold off into a “roll up” strategy, being acquired by market leaders and public companies.


He implicitly understands complex sales and market strategies and how to rapidly grow any business, through hard hitting differentiation strategies.


As the principal founder of BOOM Media, Phil welcomes any new enquiry and discussion for opportunity. Mutual Benefit is key.


Phil is also available for 1 on 1 sales consults, for sales & marketing sales and strategy development.


You can contact Phil directly by email at:

Phil Portrait


Head of Design

Ivan has had a passion for all things design, ever since he could……design! He has a quirky sense of humor too.


Integrating emotion into design for maximum impact and effect is Ivan’s sincerest passion and purpose. For over 5 years now, Ivan has been working with small businesses, start ups and larger scale Tier 1 and Tier 2 business, helping ideas come to life under the guidance and tutelage of the entire BOOM team.


We look forward to unleashing Ivan onto your next creative project. We know you will be thrilled with the results.



Direct Client Manager

Scott has had a 30 year career in direct sales with and for some of the World’s most prominent organizations.


Initially with Nashua Corporation in the UK, later years with the Xerox and Fuji Xerox organizations, across the USA and later in Hong Kong.


He demonstrates a dedication to results, superior customer experience and relationship management.


Scott has often scored in the top 5% of revenue earners within the industry.


He is highly skilled, very driven and passionate about results and to transforming any under performing area of your business.



Marketing Director & Outbound Campaigns Manager

Scot is a seasoned sales BDM andcall centre Telesales master. Scot has had hands on experience in building new sales teams while developing current teams as well as the training and recruitment of sales representatives, motivating a high performing sales force and implementing new sales and marketing strategies.


Scot has taken on projects as extensive as failing companies and brought them back to being profitable, in record time.


He can assist your organisation with new product development and market opportunity analysis. Our Scotty. has often have been jokingly referred to as somewhat of a sales “mercinary”.


We welcomes your next sales challenge openly.



Outreach Specialist

Jes has over 20 years experience in managing the liason piece between our clients and our service operations team.


Jes is actively engaged with anyone in your organization involved in our customer journey and user experience process.


Jes and her team are responsible for the execution and delivery of our pre-determined goals and communication delivery.