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We are a modern, progressive and hands on team of Brand, Design and Digital Marketing experts with a collaborative 30 + years experience in delivering exceptional outcomes. We love our people and we love what we do. With experience in the FMCG, real estate, automotive, pharmaceutical and building construction categories, BOOM employs a range of industry specialists, each exceptionally knowegable in the dynamics of their chosen field. You can’t buy experience. It needs to be earned.

The business landscape has changed forever and we have recognised the need for all businesses, small and large, to transition to the latest systems, methods and procedures for greatest ROI, whilst delivering maximum impact and effectiveness in each chosen market.

The best products or services in the world, will become extinct dinosaurs, if their goto market strategy, isn’t one that promotes instant attention, powerful recall and effective messaging for client retention. Its not always about the biggest spend, its about what you do with your spend and the stratgeies you employ, to get your desired result.

This is the BOOM ethos. Welcome to BOOM.…



CEO - Sales Director

With over 20 years, practical and hands on experience, Phil himself admits, that he immensely enjoys, the business growth and start up phase. He has personally been responsible for several new business start ups that have all created triple digit sales growth in their first 2-3 years of operation. Several were later sold off into a “roll up” strategy, being acquired by market leaders and public companies. He implicitly understands complex sales and market strategies and how to rapidly grow any business, through hard hitting differentiation strategies.

“Any NEW business has to run on enthusiasm, energy and disciplined focus and attention, to get through their birth and growth phase, long hours and dedication to the end goal are a must, it really comes down to a do or die philosophy”

Phil is also available for 1 on 1 sales consults, for sales & marketing sales and strategy development. The team at BOOM are excited about your next project or venture with us.


Head of Development - UX & UI

Suzie has extensive experience working in key marketing positions including leading both Retail and B2B (Trade) marketing for Repco, a Top 20 Australian company. From small wholesalers through to leading Australian and Trans-Tasman brands, Suzie has successfully developed and implemented cohesive Marketing plans including aggressive catalogue programs, private label brand development, trade and retail promotions, store events, internal and external communications, and trade events.

Suzie currently provides the development of a range websites, e-commerce stores, digital marketing programs and a number of bespoke sales and marketing platforms,

Suzie Commons 2
Rupert New


Direct Client Manager

Scott has had a 30 year career in direct sales with and for some of the World’s most prominent organisations. Initially with Nashua Corporation in the UK,  later years with the Xerox and Fuji Xerox organisations, across the USA and later in Hong Kong. He displays a dedication to results, superior customer experience and relationship management, Scott has often scored in the top 5% of revenue earners within the industry. He is highly skilled, very driven and passionate about results and to transforming any under performing area of your business.


Senior Developer – Programmer

Devin O’Dowd is our chief software engineer and ICT manager.With a hands on function inside of every client project, regardless of size or complexity, Devin ensures a seamless integration between the data capture phase, to the implemenation, test and roll out of live working business solutions, that streamline client functionality and business objectives. He is well versed in most commercial platforms and has recently undertaken a series of  new projects utilsing Googles “angular” framework. He has a great passion for machine learning and is studying Artificial Intellignece systems. He is a true assset to our business and we make him readily available for all of your business requirements.